Can exercise treat your anxiety?

Clinical trials have shown exercise can help manage dealing with anxiety if not cure it completely.  Anxiety is a crippling and overwhelming condition for most people suffering from it.  The mental and physical side effects that come with it can disturb your sleeping pattern and lead to stress on the system. 

Anxiety and exercise: Research Findings 

Research suggests 20-40 mins of physical activity 4-5 time a week significantly eases anxiety symptoms. The physiological and psychological benefits can be compared to anti anxiety drugs with effects lasting even more than those of the drugs

How Exercise works

Exercise increases blood circulation and raises heart rate. When you do sustained exercise, the pumping mechanism of the heart becomes more efficient which in turn lowers your resting heart rate.  Improved lung capacity and lower resting heart rate associated with exercise offer a feeling of wellbeing that counters the feelings of anxiety. 15-20 minutes of easy effort can make a big improvement to your mood. Exercise also has a preventive role whereby you might be able to avoid the onset of any anxiety disorder with regular exercise.  Consistent exercise reduces the risk of depression by 30 percent over half a decade. Endorphins and dopamine released from exercising bring mental clarity and keep your focus in the present as opposed to in the past or future which is a big reason for anxiety . 

What exercises to do ?

Most important answer here is something you enjoy. The anxiety of doing a hard workout could add to the anxiety you are already dealing with and make it worse. So please try and find an activity that’s easily doable and gets your heart into the aerobic zone for 20 mins . It could be a walk, run, dance. kickboxing class, or even playing with your dog. 

Exercise is a free tool and free tools are often overlooked in regards to their efficacy. You can enhance your physical and mental wellness significantly with easy to moderate exercise. Go for it!! 

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