We at the Kickboxing Club, Mumbai believe that science and logic should form the rationale of all training and fitness programs. All of human movement happens through 3 main energy systems , the creating phosphate system, the anaerobic glycolysis pathway and the aerobic system. Hence all 3 systems should be trained in a planned manner to achieve the goal of complete well rounded holistic fitness.



The human body needs energy to work, where does this energy come from? The energy that keeps us moving comes from the food we eat. We can’t utilize energy straight from food-it needs to initially be changed over into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the quick useable type of energy used for all cellular work. The body stores an insignificant amount of ATP inside the muscles and the majority of it is derived from the nutritive food sources.



Food is comprised of carbs, fats and proteins, and these supplements are separated into their most straightforward structures (glucose, unsaturated fats and amino acids) during processing. When these supplements are broken down, they are shipped through the blood to either be utilized in a metabolic pathway or store them away for some time in the future.



Since we don’t store a lot of ATP and need a consistent stockpile, it should be continually resynthesized. This happens in more ways than one utilizing one of three energy frameworks:



Creatine Phosphate(Instant, powerful but very short lasting source)
Anaerobic (to some degree slow, utilizes carbs)
Aerobic (preferentially uses fat but can also use carbohydrates)
Creating phosphate system: This framework utilizes creatine phosphate (CP) and has an exceptionally fast pace of ATP creation. The creatine phosphate is utilized to reconstitute ATP after delivering its energy’s separated. The aggregate sum of CP and ATP put away in muscles is little, so there is restricted energy accessible for solid withdrawal. It is momentarily accessible and is fundamental at the beginning of movement, as well as during extreme short duration exercises lasting 1to 30 seconds in span, for example, running, power lifting or tossing a ball.



Anaerobic Glycolysis
Anaerobic glycolysis doesn’t need oxygen and uses the energy contained in glucose for the development of ATP. This pathway happens inside the cytoplasm and separates glucose into a substrate called pyruvate. As a moderate pathway between the phosphagen and vigorous framework, anaerobic glycolysis can deliver ATP quickly for use during exercises requiring huge eruptions of energy throughout fairly longer timeframes (30 seconds to three minutes max).



Oxygen consuming Glycolysis/ Aerobic system
This pathway needs oxygen to create ATP, since carbs and fats can only be metabolized in presence of oxygen. This pathway happens in the cellular mitochondria and is utilized for exercises requiring continuous energy creation. This system has a sluggish pace of ATP creation and is thus overwhelmingly used during longer-term, low intensity exercises after the CPKMB (creatine phosphate) and anaerobic frameworks have exhausted.



It is vital to recall that each of the three of these frameworks add to the energy needs of the body during actual work. These frameworks don’t work freely of one another, but rather work in sync to make sure the body is moved at its most efficient form. We at the Kickboxing Club , Bandra make sure each energy system gets enough work and enough rest for the individual to sustainably improve their overall health and fitness while also ensuring injury prevention

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