Weight loss - How kickboxing can help

Kickboxing involves the following drills: Running, skipping, high intensity interval training, Tabata drills, kicking and punching combinations, sparring , hitting the heavy bag. All these drills play an important role in shaping the athletic physique of kickboxers. They are always in shape. Can these drills be used in a noncompetitive environment to help in the weight loss of the everyday individual. The answer is a big Yes. Read on to find out how all these drills help your weight loss goal and get you to a supreme level of fitness, both strength and conditioning wise. 

weight loss with kickboxing


  • strengthens bones
  • strengthens muscles
  • improve cardiovascular fitness
  • burns a good amount of calories helping weight loss


A 10 minute round of skipping is equivalent to a 45-minute run. .Skipping gives you a full body workout which using your core for stability , legs for the jump, shoulders and arms for the motion of the rope. It is a weight loss exercise that does not need much space or equipment. 

High Intensity Interval Training: 

Boosts Your Metabolism
 High intensity interval training increases your basal metabolic rate and “translates into a metabolism boost for up to 72 hours after you finish the high intensity workout. You keep burning calories even after you are done with the workout thus helping tremendously in reaching your weight loss goals. 


 Kicking and punching drills:

Kickboxing will tone your body in a major way because it forces you to use all the muscle groups in your bodywhile throwing strikes be it punches or kicks.

By using kickboxing pads or the heavy bag, you end up burning much more calories than you would doing shadow boxing. Your body will become a furnace and your weight loss goals will be achieved much sooner than you think.

Involving the core improves balance while the constant motion in kickboxing drills improves joint flexibility and your reflexes too.