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"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."


Our Group kickboxing classes will give you an intense complete body workout while maintaining a high, calorie-burning heart rate for prolonged duration. Kickboxing strengthens arms, core and legs, while being a high intensity cardio workout. Working out in a group makes sure you don’t let up on the intensity and keep pushing yourself taking your fitness levels to newer heights.

You will learn to properly execute kickboxing techniques without risking any injuries. 

Our group classes last for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The first 30 minutes are dedicated to fitness and conditioning as we believe you cannot execute any martial arts skills if you do not have the fitness to do it. Our fitness routing varies every session working on different conditioning aspects like aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, agility and speed training, strength and plyometrics drills.

The next 30 minutes are spent learning and executing Muay Thai kickboxing skills in the form of shadow boxing drills, partner drills and hitting the pads. These drills, along with being very technical are also highly intense and give you a calorie burning workout like no other.

The last 15 minutes of the session are utilized for core strengthening, cool down , stretching and meditation as we believe mental conditioning is as important as physical conditioning.

Every workout session is an event for us and we try to make it as satisfying and rewarding for you as possible. While leaving from class, you will have a sense of calm and quiet satisfaction from having given the workout session your all. The endorphin release post workout will also ensure that you get home happy and cheerful.

Timings  -  Mornings- 6 45 am to 7 45 am

Days- Monday Wednesday Friday

Address- Slim fitness wheel studio, 8 th floor, Makhija Royale , Khar west. Next to Pulse night club, SV road, Khar West, Mumbai 400052


Tailormade training routine to fit your fitness needs. Personal training with us can help you with:

Weight Loss- We analyse your diet along with your body type (endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph) and devise customized training routines for you to ensure safe and sustained weight loss.

Overall fitness- We cover all bases when it comes to fitness. Be it strength, cardio , explosiveness , flexibility and balance, we ensure your training routines are varied and interesting to keep you from plateauing at any stage or losing interest due to monotonous routines.

Sport specific fitness- Whether you are aiming for the marathon or want to learn the martial art of MuayThai kickboxing, we plan your workouts accordingly to best help you reach your goals.

Learning real self defense skills- If you want to learn how to fight, we got that covered too, with our national and international level experience in Muay Thai competitions.

Pricing- We charge Rs 2000 per session or Rs 30000 for a block of 20 sessions. Your convenience is of utmost importance to us. We can train you at work or home. The timings will also be flexible according to your needs so you don’t miss out on your training.

TO BOOK A TIME SLOT , CALL US NOW ON- +91 8108829777 / +91 9820633110 OR EMAIL US AT: thekickboxingclub2015@gmail.com



Companies of varying shapes and sizes are looking to make fitness a regular aspect of their employees' lives. Health benefits of exercise, apart from being physical are also functional and can improve performance of employees drastically making them less susceptible to illnesses thereby increasing productivity.  

Companies have now woken up to the importance of workplace fitness routines. Not only have healthcare costs reduced , but productivity has increased significantly along with an improved employee morale. 

Our corporate fitness programs are an inexpensive way of taking care of your employees mental and physical well being. The benefits of our program are :

Increased Fitness

Reduced stress levels

Increased productivity

Reduced healthcare cost burden

Positive work atmosphere

Mental alertness

We offer a flexible workout program that requires minimum space and no equipment. Please feel free to get in touch with us for a free demo for your employees. 

For more information on our corporate fitness/workout programs, please get in touch with us.