kickboxing for fitness People often wonder about the benefits of kickboxing for fitness. The answer is a big emphatic YES and the benefits are many.The soreness you feel after a kickboxing class is proof enough. You wont feel your arms and legs for days after an intense class of fitness kickboxing. Its all about the intensity and the effort that you put in behind your punches kicks and conditioning drills that really take your fitness to the next level.


A high calorie burning workout:

Kickboxing workout helps you burn upwards of900 calories per class if done at a high intensity. Not only does you cardiovascular fitness go up, but your overall strength , balance and power increase too.

A whole body workout

A kickboxing fitness routine will work out each and every musclein your body. Even the ones you didn’t know existed. The kicking drills work your legs and core while the punches work your upper body. You will feel the burn in your arms while punching and also feel maximum engagement of your core muscles when practicing combinations. After just one class of kickboxing, you will feel the difference in your stamina and muscle endurance.

Kick the stress away with Kickboxing

An intense session of kickboxing releases endorphins like no other exercise. These endorphins play an important role in uplifting your mood and are rightfully called ‘Happy Hormones’. They release the stress from your life and make you a much more cheerful version of yourself. Also, a kickboxing workout will help you relieve your frustration by kicking and punching it away. You will feel reborn after a great kickboxing workout.

Keeps your interest levels up by varying the workouts

A Kickboxing workout uses movements from boxing, aerobics, HIIT, and different martial arts to keep challenging your body to higher levels of fitness.There is never any monotony to the workouts as they keep changing every class. This helps your fitness levels to never plateau and you keep growing with every single workout. The self defence aspect of the workout makes you feel much more safer knowing you can handle stressful situations with a calm sense of confidence in your own ability.

Balance and Flexibility

The balance and flexibility that kickboxing demands makes your body loose and supple. Your hip flexibility goes through the roof and your sense of balance and awareness increases manifold too.

Take your fitness to the next level – Start with Kickboxing

The key to continuous improvement of your fitness level is to keep changing your workouts. Our Kickboxing class uses this principle to get you in the best shape of your life. Every class is an event for us and we make sure that every second counts when you are working out with us.Kickboxing combines movements that workout each and every muscle group in your body while improving your stamina and endurance at the same time. The level of cardiovascular fitness that you can achieve with kickboxing is truly phenomenal. If you are looking for a great kickboxing workout in Mumbai, then The Kickboxing Club is the answer for you. If you are near South Mumbai or Bandra, we also offer personalized one to one training sessions so that you can get a perfect workout with full attention that fits your schedule.

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