Fitness Tips – The sprint workout

fitness tips

If you want to get lean and look like a pro athlete, Sprints are the answer to it. Sprints send your metabolism through the roof and burn fat like crazy resulting in exponential gains in your fitness levels. 

Try our Sprint interval challenge and you will not look for any other fitness tips for your cardio again. Don't push yourself too much initially, since we don't want any injuries  or strains to disrupt your training. Start off gradually and make progress every session. Sore muscles are a good sign, sore joints are not. 

Sprint Intervals- The workout and fitness tips

Find a long stretch of about 300 yards. Do a proper warm up and stretch to get the blood flow going in your legs. You dont want to go full throttle cold. Jog 300 yards and back and get  a good sweat going. 

The sprint workout is divided into 3 sets: 

SET 1- 

30 seconds sprint and 20 seconds break - 6 rounds . Here you go at 80 percent of your maximum speed and nicely settle into the rhythm of sprinting.

1 minute break 

SET 2- 

20 seconds sprint and 20 seconds break- 6 rounds. Here you go at 90% of your maximum speed and push the intensity up a notch still maintaining reserve for a final burst in the last set . 

1 minute break 


10 seconds sprint and 10 seconds break-  6 rounds. This is the one where you give it everything. Run like you're being chased by rotweilers. It will be the toughest since you will be exhausted and the breaks will be shorter, but we promise you it will be worth it. The rewards of running this set to the best of your ability will be truly satisfying. 

All in all, the best fitness tips for sprint workouts are , load yourself with carbs 1 hour prior to the workout, make sure to stretch pre and post workout and last but not the least, don't do this more than twice a week as its probably the highest intensity training you'll ever do. 

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