Diet or exercise for Weight loss

Healthy Weight Loss
Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss- What works best

Weight loss hinges on two important factors-exercise and diet. However, its not a 50-50 when it comes to which factor is more important for weight loss.You might be surprised to know that 75% of your weight loss goals depend on your diet with exercise making up the rest 25%. People who workout religiously day in and day out without losing anything significant would agree that just exercise is never enough to lose weight. The amount of calories burnt is surprisingly low compared to what people usually expect. A 40 minute run at moderate intensity will not burn you more than 350 calories. That’s the number of calories you get from a single can of your favourite aerated drink.  Its easier getting the 350 calorie deficit by skipping that can than running the 30 minutes every day. Think about it.  

Obesity has now become a global pandemic. Infact research has suggested that Mumbai itself has a 30% obese population. People are now waking up to the importance of a healthy lifestyle which includes a clean diet and adequate physical activity.

While exercise has it’s benefits, its wise to not rely too much on it when it comes to managing your weight.

When you exercise, your body responds to the change by asking for more calories. This can be counterproductive if you do not control the urge to eat junk food and replace it with healthy meals. Your genes often determine your metabolism which can be an important factor in weight management. As you start losing weight, your metabolism starts getting slower as the body feels the  need to save energy. That’s where your diet comes in. If it consists of short frequent healthy meals, it saves your body from entering starvation mode and reducing the metabolism. This ensures heathy and gradual weight reduction and the results stay for a much longer time.

Initially when you set out to change your diet, it seems like a really uphill task. Its tough mentally to control all the urges and follow the strict guidelines you have laid down for yourself. You will fail and fall back into the bad habits. But don’t beat yourself up over it. Don’t postpone getting back to the healthy diet. Do it immediately.  Cheat meals once a week are okay too as long as you make sure you deserve them. Give yourself cheat days. Keep small targets. Even eating healthy once a week is a start and better than zero.

Exercise may not be the main answer to your weight loss problem, however it does have tremendous benefits when it comes to controlling and preventing lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic depression and other muscloskeletal problems.


Exercise might not help with weight loss as much as a healthy, planned diet would. Check this workout to help you with your weight loss goals. However, it’s the little push that is needed for the diet to gloriously succeed in achieving all your weight loss. So don’t forget to combine an effective fitness routine with a healthy diet plan to achieve the best results.