"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Teddy Roosevelt

The Kickboxing Club is a specialised kickboxing studio located in Bandra, Mumbai. We teach kickboxing and functional fitness classes, as well as one-on-one training:
Why choose The Kickboxing Club for your kickboxing training?
•Our kickboxing studio is  clean, modern & well equipped . We run a friendly, ego free fitness and kick boxing centre.
• What makes us Unique from the pack is that you’ll learn the martial art of Muay Thai with correct technique in a secure , nonthreatening environment. .
• We are a professional business and we recognize that not everyone wants to get in the ring.
We work with your skill level – Beginners, intermediate or Advanced
You will be learning skills of Muay Thai without having to do any contact training if you don’t want to. We make it comfortable for you and we’re glad to have turned kickboxing training into a sport everyone can do. We take your conditioning to the next level.
Each session is different!!!
We train a number of different drills and combination routines that keep your training from being monotonous and workout different areas of fitness like cardiovascular endurance, strength and conditioning and agility drills. We also integrate Muay Thai combinations in the workouts that push you to get the desired results. Our workouts target the whole body, boost your metabolism, and make you a true martial artist in the art of Muay Thai.
Personal Kick Boxing training that is focused and highly interactive.
Our personal training sessions involve a lot of combination drills on the pads. Our experience with pad work makes you feel the exact way a fighter feels being in the ring and that too without getting hit. We make sure we train you like professional fighters do with emphasis on technique, power, endurance and conditioning.
No lock-in memberships or join up fees
• Personal training sessions are competitively priced
• Free trials for Group classes make it easy for you to try and enrol.