"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Teddy Roosevelt

What is the 4 am Transformation class?

The 4 am transformation class is a unique initiative from the Kickboxing Club to deliver much more than just a great workout. Our aim with this class is to help you make a complete life transformation in regards to discipline, motivation, sleeping habits, fitness and generally taking life by the scruff of its neck and bending it to your will.

 Why the 4 am Transformation class?

Here are a few reasons why you should sign up for the 4 am class:

  • Inculcate discipline: Getting up at 4 am and training everyday requires tremendous discipline. Not just discipline in your workout, but also discipline in your nutrition and your sleeping patterns as well. You will truly be changing yourself  when you gain control of your day and that newly acquired discipline will seep into all other areas of your life taking you to the transformation you truly desire and deserve.
  • Boost your metabolism: Excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) is a big positive that you get out of your 4 am workout. This basically means you keep burning calories the whole day after your workout, even when you’re at rest or working on your desk in a sedentary job. This also means whatever you eat during the day will be used up either as a source of energy for your system to function or as fuel for repair and recovery of your muscles from your workout. This way, there will be no extra carbs left for your body to store it as fat thus making sure you reach your weight loss goals much quicker than you would otherwise.
  • Reach your fitness goals by excusing the excuses: A 4 am workout never lets any external factor like other people, phones , errands or situations disrupt your workout. By the time the world is waking up, you have already accomplished a lot and are set to handle the day ahead with the same gusto. There will never be an excuse good enough that will keep you away from working out at 4 am.
  • Love your life: You will look good, you will feel good, you will be super disciplined and in control. You will get the most amazing sleep. It will make you love life and be happy. And isn’t that what it’s all about “HAPPYNESS”   with a Y in it.


When and Where: The Workouts will be conducted outdoors by Arjun at 4 30 am – 5 30 am, three days a week – Monday Wednesday & Fridays. The locations will be in and around Bandra and Khar. The fees for the classes will be Rs 9999/- month which will include 12 sessions. For a detailed enquiry about the same, call or message Arjun on +91 8108829777